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Communities in and around Indian Country face an increasing array of shared challenges. Pressures from population growth, competition over natural resources, the projected effects of climate change, unemployment, housing, social services, and other problems transcend the sectoral and jurisdictional boundaries within which such issues have traditionally been addressed. As a result, and with increasing frequency, governments, non-profit organizations, and private corporations find themselves working with tribal governments on an expanding variety of issues. Yet too few of the individuals so engaged are aware of tribal politics, culture, Indian law, tribal government rules and structures, and the values that shape the worldview of tribal nations and native communities and their approaches to these problems.
Meanwhile, the staff capacity of many tribal governments has increased dramatically in a number of areas in recent years. Capacity improvements include economic development, management, scientific research, policy making, and the design and delivery of social services. This capacity enables those tribes to engage as competent partners in solving problems and addressing issues shared with surrounding communities.
These changes call for an improved paradigm in inter-governmental and inter-sectoral relationships. The Institute for Tribal Government’s Certificate in Tribal Relations is designed to assist in creating that new paradigm.

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