Earn your Black Belt by completing our 12 individual Six Sigma Black Belt certification courses.

Or if you've already completed Yellow or Green Belts, continue on to earn Black Belt with the appropriate additional course:

  1. Already have your Green Belt? Just complete courses SS507, SS508, SS509, SS510, and SS511.
  2. Already have your Yellow Belt? Complete courses SS503 - SS511. 

Professionals certified in Black Belt by Portland State University will have advanced skills to lead Six Sigma quality-improvement projects. Black Belt professionals are qualified for positions that dedicate 100% of their time to Six Sigma project execution.

Minimum Required:  14  Course(s)
    SS499   Lean & Six Sigma Intro and Overview
    SS500   Six Sigma Project Definition and Planning
    SS501   Systematic Problem Solving
    SS502   Intro to Statistical Methods
    SS503   Statistical Process Control (SPC)
    SS504   Measurement System Analysis (MSA)
    SS505   Intro to Design of Experiments (DOE)
    SS506   Green Belt Exam and Reporting
    SS507   Intermediate Design of Experiments (DOE)
    SS508   Six Sigma Project Coaching
    SS509   Leading Effective Six Sigma Teams
    SS510   Correlation and Regression Analysis
    SS511   Hypothesis Testing for Observational Data
    SS512   Black Belt Exam and Reporting