BH205 Communication, Counseling, and Conflict Resolution

Course Description

This course is designed to help you, as a human resource professional, enhance your practical skills in communication, coaching and counseling, and conflict resolution.

What You Cover

  • Obstacles to communication
  • Methods for improving interactions
  • Options for resolving issues
  • Negotiation and collaboration
  • Coaching and counseling techniques to address serious workplace issues
  • Skills for handling all stages of conflict

How You Benefit

  • Learn communication methods and techniques that can be utilized in your personal and professional interactions
  • Address a variety of real-life work situations, from disgruntled employees to managers who seem unable to relate to their staff
  • Experience techniques and exercises you can take back to your organization, including sample policies, personality inventories, and learning games to use in teaching these skills to others


It is strongly recommended that Management of Human Resources (BH101) be taken prior to this course, especially for those entering the program with less than two years experience in the field of human resources.

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