MGMT 422/522S Money Matters for Social Innovation

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Course Description

An essential element of any successful social venture is a clear path to financial sustainability, whether form earned income or through grants and donations, and the correct legal structure to support that strategy. In pursuit of financial sustainability for a social venture, this course will examine and apply the customer development process and lean startup model; fundamentals of financial management and budgeting, analysis and forecasting; funding sources and strategies for both nonprofit and for-profit social ventures; and legal entities, risks and intellectual property strategies. 


How You Benefit

In this course, you will:

  • Develop a full business model for a proposed social venture, using lean entrepreneurship best practices

  • Determine the best legal entity for your model, whether for-profit or nonprofit

  • Understand your intellectual property, such as patents, trademarks, or copyrights, and how to best deploy them in furtherance of your mission

  • Create a realistic estimate of your potential market size and customer demand

  • Identify the ideal funding sources and strategies, including grants, crowdfunding, and investments, for your model

  • Understand and create forecast financial statements

Applies Towards the Following Certificates


  MGMT 422/522S - 005 Money Matters for Social Innovation      
  2016-2017 - Spring 2017   Status:  Enrollment Closed
Course Fee(s):
Course fee non-credit    995.00
Potential Discount(s):
  12.0 CEUs
Online:   03 Apr 2017 to 11 Jun 2017
  Reading List / Textbook:  
  • Osterwalder, Alexander, and Yves Pigneur. Business Model Generation. 2010. 
  • Fields, Edward. The Essentials of Finance and Accounting for Nonfinancial Managers. 2011. 
  • Kickul, Jill, and Thomas S. Lyons. Understanding Social Entrepreneurship, 2nd Edition. 
  Section Notes:  

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