SS504 Measurement System Analysis (MSA)

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Course Description

This course discusses, demonstrates and trains in simple but powerful techniques to assure and improve the accuracy, precision and consistency of your measurement processes’ effectiveness. You will learn how to set-up and conduct “gauge R&R” (repeatability and reproducibility) studies. You will also learn traditional plus practical and insightful new ways to analyze and interpret the results, what to do about them and to sustain optimized measurement processes with simple, practical approaches for monitoring their stability. We will also address measurement of continuous variables (e.g., distance, temperature, thickness and attribute variables (e.g., number of error or defects, proportion defective). You will learn how to deal with non-destructive, semi-destructive and destructive measurement processes.




A laptop is required for this course.

A basic understanding of statistics is helpful for this course; however, the instructor will review basic statistical concepts as required for the interpretation of results.




Applies Towards the Following Certificates


  SS504 - 003 Measurement System Analysis (MSA)      
  2014-2015 - Spring 2015   Status:  Available
Class Schedule: 2 Sessions
Contact Hours: 15.0
Course Fee(s):
Course fee non-credit    $889.00
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  1.50 CEUs
Location:   Center for Executive and Professional Education
In-class:   Tue, Wed 8:00AM - 4:30PM
28 Apr 2015 to 29 Apr 2015
Building: Crown Plaza Building
Room: Hayden (100B4)
Delivery Options:  In Class
Instructors: Steve Zagarola
  Section Notes:  

Class dates are April 28 & 29, 2015

A laptop is required for this class.