BE812 Flow Design and Value Stream Management

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Course Description

Value Stream Maps are the blueprints for improvement. But there is much more to value stream improvement projects than just mapping. Value Stream Management is a necessary tool if you plan to implement Lean. It not only identifies critical process areas needing change and the projects that will ensure that change – but also will create a picture of the future state, and the measures, Lean Pathway, and Project Plan to reach that ideal state.


Case studies from the service and manufacturing industries will be used to show how to eliminate “the silo effect,” apply Value Stream Management and Continuous Flow to your organization. The workshop will focus on two main topics: Process mapping and process design.


What You Cover


Laptop recommended for this class (each in-class work groups will need one person with a laptop)

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  BE812 - 006 Flow Design and Value Stream Management      
  2014-2015 - Fall 2014   Status:  Available
Number of Sessions: 1
Contact Hours: 7.0
Course Fee(s):
Course Fee non-credit    $349.00
Potential Discount(s):
Referral Discount
Lean Practitioner Bundle Discount
  0.70 CEUs
Location:   Center for Executive and Professional Education
In-class:   Fri 9:00AM - 5:00PM
24 Oct 2014
Building: Crown Plaza Building
Room: Sauvie (100B1)
Instruction Method:  In Class
Instructors: Tom Fabrizio
  Section Note(s):  

Electronic materials provided prior to class start.

This is the third course in the six-course Lean Practitioner Certificate Program.